New ‘burglary tourism’ scourge striking London’s wealthy; Christmas humbug for High Street; Les Miserables reboot reviewed

Premier League star Mamadou Sahko is the latest celebrity to have his home raided, in a £500,000 heist. Following the burglary of TV chef Markus Wareing’s home by ‘burglary tourists’ from Chile, police suspect similar tactics are being used again. The Evening Standard’s crime correspondent Anthony France joins the Leader podcast to discuss the criminals’ tactics and offer advice on how to avoid falling prey to them.

Christmas humbug for High Street:

Retail sales fell for the fifth month in a row in December – and that’s after the British Retail Consortium had already said 2019 was the worst year since 1995. The Leader podcast speaks to consumer business editor Jonathan Prynn, who has been looking at the latest figures.

Les Miserables revamp:

Les Miserables has been given a “gritty reboot” – will the people still sing? The Leader podcast asks the Evening Standard’s chief theatre critic Nick Curtis. 


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