London mayor Sadiq Khan: don’t undo all our hard work. Plus Ghislaine Maxwell, by one who knew her

London is set to reopen but London mayor Sadiq Khan warns this isn’t a time to celebrate. He tells The Leader podcast that while Londoners should go out and enjoy the city on Saturday, it's crucial to remember that the threat of Covid-19 is still very real and social distancing must be respected. What will happen if we don’t? We also speak to Professor Karol Sikora who tells us exactly what the consequences will be.

And, Ghislaine Maxwell is facing charges over allegations she helped Jeffrey Epstein 'identify and befriend and groom girls’. Evening Standard columnist and former acquaintance Anne McElvoy says she remembers Ghislaine in the 80s a British socialite with

bullet-proof confidence. She tells us whether there was any sense then that Ghislaine was wrapped up in another world with Epstein.


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