Coronavirus: London in lockdown as Olympics finally cancelled - plus keeping fit with Joe Wicks

Are Londoners following the government’s instructions? Some parts of London have been pictured eerily deserted, but on Tuesday morning the trains were packed with commuters. The Evening Standard’s Barney Davis has been - safely - cycling around the capital, and joins The Leader podcast to describe what he observed - including how the police have been immediately cracking down on shopkeepers who remained open following the Prime Minister’s announcement.

2020 Olympics cancelled

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have been postponed due to Covid-19 - the first time in Olympic history that the games have been delayed. With more than 600,000 expected to travel to the games, organisers agree it wouldn't be safe. Sports correspondent Matt Majendie joins The Leader podcast and talks about the enormous logistical challenges the Olympic committee - and hopeful athletes - now face. 

Keep fit with Joe Wicks

Every morning at 9am Joe Wicks is providing free home work-outs, live-streamed via social media. Joe cancelled a physical tour due to coronavirus, but the livestreams have been so popular that he broke his own Instagram channel from the sheer amount of people tuning in. Does this open the way for more lockdown stars? The Evening Standard’s features writer Katie Strick interviewed the nation’s new favourite PE teacher, and joins The Leader podcast to share what she learned.


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