Leader Weekends: How to be a CEO (Trinny Woodall)

This is a bonus episode taken from our business show How to be a CEO. Listen to the full episode here.

When you’re going into business, it’s always good to bring someone along with you. How did What Not to Wear’s Trinny Woodall build a multi-million-pound business? She didn’t start with that number in 2017. In fact, the number some potential investors were more interested in was 51 - her age when her company, Trinny London, launched.‘Trinny’s Tribe’ has also been a huge part of Woodall’s success building her makeup empire. In this episode:


  • Her first business, selling bows as a 16-year-old 
  • Age bias from potential investors 
  • Why she stood by her plan to sell to 35+, not 20-year-olds 
  • The value of slow retention and community engagement over rapid growth

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