Knife crime will lead the battle to be London’s Mayor; Plus Museum of London to celebrate Dub Reggae

There were 149 murders in London last year, the highest figure in 11 years. The Conservatives say “crime is clearly the Mayor’s biggest failing” and claim figures show that Sadiq Khan, the police and the crime commissioner for London have failed to give the Met the support it needs.

Greg Hands – former Chief Secretary to the Treasury and current MP for Chelsea and Fulham - has recently been appointed chairman of Shaun Bailey’s mayoral campaign and today pledged a New York-style crackdown on crime in a bid to regain the London mayoralty. The Evening Standard’s City Hall editor Ross Lydall joins The Leader podcast to explain why Shaun Bailey and his team believe solving crime is a winner for them. 

Museum of London to celebrate Dub Reggae:

The Museum of London is celebrating Dub Reggae music and its culture in the capital, from its roots in Jamaican reggae to how it has shaped communities and culture over the last 50 years. 

Highlights will include a speaker stack from one of London’s leading reggae sound systems, a working custom-built record shop and images, memories and voices from the world of Dub Reggae music and culture both past and present.

Terry Dhaliwal Davies is running the custom-built record shop at the exhibition and speaks to The Leader podcast.

Dub London opens 8 May 2020 and will be free to view. Further details and information can be found here:


David Marsland  

The Leader brings you the best of the Evening Standard interview's, news and analysis every day at 4pm. Subscribe to make sure you don't miss an episode. Now, from the Evening Standard in London, this is The Leader.

Hi, I'm David Marsland. The chairman of Tory mayor candidate Shaun Bailey's campaign has written for the Standard about London's crime problem.

Greg Hands  

Crime is clearly the mayor's biggest failing and that is the biggest area of public concern. 

David Marsland  

Greg Hands has also spoken to our City Hall editor Ross Lydall. How will the Conservatives overcome Sadiq Khan's big lead heading into the election?


Terry Dhaliwal Davies  

Music that they have probably heard but not probably discovered, where it's come from, where it originated from and the influence it has on Londoners

David Marsland  

The Museum of London's opening its own record store to celebrate the city's links with dub reggae.

Taken from the Evening Standard editorial column This is The Leader, for the whole thing pick up the newspaper or head to In a moment: the Conservatives are attacking Sadiq Khan's record on crime as the London mayoral election approaches.

David Masland

Greg Hands - the former government minister - has been appointed as Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey's campaign chairman, and he's written in the Standard about what he sees as the city's need for the mayor to relentlessly bear down on crime, just like Rudy Giuliani did with the zero tolerance approach that cleaned up New York in the 90s. Our editorial column said It's gonna be a hot issue in may's election.

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