Iran Soleimani death: does Donald Trump have a plan? Plus more police for London crime spots & hope for the high street

Iran have vowed to respond with ‘harsh revenge’ after United States forces killed Iran’s most powerful military leader, General Qasem Soleimani, in the early hours of Friday morning. Leaders around the world have weighed in on the attack, with Joe Biden comparing President Donald Trump’s attack order to ‘dynamite in a tinder box’. UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab urged “all sides to de-escalate”. Donald Trump himself has responded with a mocking tweet aimed at Iran’s leadership. As the world waits to see how Iran will respond, The Leader podcast speaks to the Evening Standard’s US Correspondent David Gardner to ask: does Donald Trump have a plan?

The Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has written in today’s Evening Standard announcing that more police will be dispatched to patrol London’s vibrant crime spots. Home Affairs editor Martin Bentham joins the Leader podcast to discuss Dame Cressida’s comments.

Popular fashion store Next has given the high street some hope for fashion sales, Business Reporter Joanna Bourke explains why.


David Marsland  

The Leader is delivered to your podcast provider at 4pm every weekday, bringing you the best news analysis and commentary from one of the country's most trusted newsrooms, subscribe to make sure you get it on time. Now, from the Evening Standard in London, this is The Leader.

Hi, I'm David Marsland. The US has killed one of Iran's top generals.

David Gardner  

Now what there's a suggestion that there may be cyber attacks, there may be terror attacks. There is also a suggestion that allies of the United States could be in some danger.

David Marsland  

We speak to our US correspondent David Gardner as the world waits to see how Iran responds and whether President Trump has a plan.


Martin Bentham  

very young people who've hardly started their lives have there lives brought to an end.

David Marsland  

The Standard's Home Affairs editor Martin Bentham as met police commissioner Cressida dick writes for the paper to announce more police will patrol London's violent crime hotspots, and...

Joanna Bourke

so they posted a 5.2% full price sales rise

David Marsland

Business reporter Joanna Burke on how next is giving hope to the high street the day before London men's fashion week begins.

David Marsland  

Taken from the evening standards editorial column This is The Leader. For the whole thing pick up the newspaper had to In a moment Iran says it will take crushing revenge over the death of a top General, does Donald Trump have a next move? 

Donald Trump  

Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate. He's weak and he's ineffective. So the only way he figures that he's going to get reelected and assures you sitting there is to start a war with Iran. 

David Marsland  

Donald Trump in 2011, claiming...

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