Iran must answer questions about Ukrainian Airlines plane crash; PLUS Harry & Meghan are ‘disruptors’

International pressure is bearing down on Iran, who are accused of shooting down the Boeing 737 Ukrainian Airlines plane that crashed minutes after take-off from Imam Kohmeini airport in Tehran. Several of the Western nations’ intelligence services believe that Iran may have accidently shot the plane down. Iran has invited manufacture Boeing to investigate the crash of the Ukrainian Airlines plane but still reject the claims and are refusing to answer questions.

What is the truth? The Evening Standard’s Deputy Political Editor Nicholas Cecil joins The Leader podcast from parliament.

Meghan jets off to Toronto:

Harry and Meghan ‘quit’ the Royal family in a bombshell announcement this week, and the Duchess of Sussex has already left for Canada to be with their son Archie. The front page of the Evening Standard today says they see themselves as “disrupters”. The Evening Standard’s Jonathan Prynn who has been reporting on the Royals speaks to The Leader podcast about Harry and Meghan’s emerging future plans. 


David Marsland  

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Hi, I'm David Marsland. International pressure is bearing down on Iran accused of shooting down a passenger plane with 176 lives lost.

Nicholas Cecil  

There already appears to be signs of a possible cover up with debris from the plane having already been bulldozed away from the crash site.

David Marsland  

Our deputy political editor Nicholas Cecil on the questions Tehran refuses to answer


Jonathan Prynn  

 the Sussexes see themselves as young, energetic challengers

David Marsland  

Jonathan Prynn speaks to The Leader as details begin to emerge of Harry and Megan's future plans. They want to be disruptors.

Taken from the Evening Standard editorial column this is The Leader, for the whole thing pick up the newspaper or head to, in a moment: why Iran must tell the truth about the plane crash thatlooks like a tragic mistake.

Around 1030 at night on Wednesday and explosion it was heard over to run. Out of breath rescuers race to the site where the passenger plane had come down, but the only found flames, none of the 176 on board survived.

Justin Trudeau  

We have intelligencee from multiple sources, including our allies and our own intelligence, the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by an Iranian surface to air missile.

David Marsland  

Canadian president Justin Trudeau addressing a country that lost 63 of its citizens lay the blame at around that night at attack to us basis in Iraq.


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