Iran: Trump decision to strike Soleimani was ‘suggested as a joke’ – Robert Fox

Iran has launched rocket attacks on two Iraqi bases housing US troops. The missile strikes came in retaliation to the US drone strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. Iran’s supreme leader has said the missile attack was “not enough”. As tensions continue to rise between the two nations, The Leader podcast speaks to the Evening Standard’s Defence editor Robert Fox.


£1 million grant to cut school exclusions: 

To coincide with an in-depth investigation into secondary school exclusions, looking into the best way to improve grades and help curve sustained bad behaviour, the Evening Standard are launching a £1 million campaign to radically cut exclusions. Eliza Reberio founded the Lives not Knives campaign aimed at tackling youth crime and gang culture. Eliza was sent to a Pupil Refferal Unit when she was younger and tells The Leader podcast why teens are most likely behaving badly in school and why they need better support.

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David Marsland  

Welcome to The Leader of the Evening Standard's daily news commentary and analysis podcast. We're here at 4pm, make sure you never miss an episode by subscribing. now, from the Evening Standard in London. This is The Leader.

Hi, I'm David Marsland. Iran battered two US military bases in Iraq with at least 15 ballistic missiles, is war next?

Robert Fox  

What the Iranians are fervently hoping for is a pause because the real unknown for them is Trump and Trumps total unpredictability

David Marsland  

Our deffence editor Robert Fox as the Middle East and the world is waiting for the US to respond. Also,

Eliza Reberio  

if this happened when they were eight, nine and 10, why are we then waiting for when they're 14/15 to be excluded from school for us to support them?

David Marsland  

We talked to a young woman whose life was nearly ruined after being kicked out of school. As the Evening Standard launches a million pound campaign to cut exclusions.

Taken from the Evening Standard editorial column This is The Leader, for the whole thing pick up the newspaper or head to In a moment defence editor Robert Fox on the crisis in Iran...

For half an hour from around 1030 at night Iran pounded two US bases in Iraq with ballistic missiles. Revenge said the country state TV for the White House ordered killing of General Qassem Soleimani. In Tehan crowds chanting God is great and death to America. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei suggested Iran was just getting started. [Clip], David: Last night we slapped them, he said, and added these military actions are not enough for revenge.

Boris Johnson  

Our most reasonable people would accept that the United States has a right to protect its bases and its personnel. 

In the House of Commons Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave her support to the US, but called for de escalation in the Middle East. And for all the Ayatollah's tough words, there are some who believe a targeted strike that appears to have killed new...

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