Inside UK government’s track-and-trace plan to beat coronavirus. Plus why is Trump really accusing China of virus leak?

In what could be a decisive move against coronavirus, full-scale tracking and tracing of new infections is planned by the end May. It will see people using an app, and the government deploying tens of thousands of officials to chase down fresh outbreaks. It comes as testing is ramped up across the UK. The Evening Standard's political editor, Joe Murphy, explains how the system will work, and also discusses his exclusive interview with Labour's new leader Sir Keir Starmer. 

US President Donald Trump is undermining his own intelligence service with a claim he's seen evidence Covid-19 broke out of a lab in China. The office of the National Intelligence Director says there's nothing to suggest the virus is "genetically modified or manmade," and most scientists think it was transferred to humans from animals. But the President's approval ratings have been falling as infections increase in the US. So is this more about winning the election in November than investigating the origins of the outbreak? We ask US politics expert Dr Rubrick Biegon from Kent University.


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