How a 17th-century sword fight could shape post-coronavirus economy

John Law was a 17th century banker who murdered a rival in London, escaped jail and ended up in Paris where he bankrupted France, arguably causing the revolution. How can his story influence decisions over the UK economy as the country attempts to recover from coronavirus? Economist Stephen King tells the podcast about the lessons still being learned from that fiasco, and explains how a "bad bank" that takes on British company debts in exchange for the government taking a stake in the firm, could be a good idea.  

Horse-drawn carriages in London's streets and skateboarding commuters are some of the ideas being floated for getting people back to work. There have been more trains running, but fewer people seem to be using them, as fears over the continuing spread of Covid-19 prove difficult to beat. Evening Standard features writer Sam Fishwick gives advice on alternative ways to get to the office, from walking and cycling to more creative suggestions. 


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