Future hot London’s air-cooled German Tube train

As climate change heats up London and the capital’s population grows, we’re going to need some upgrades to the deepest-level sweaty, stifling Tube carriages.

The Piccadilly Line is the first deep-level route - that’s over 20 metres below ground - to get proper air-conditioning in the coming years, as part of a redesign with futuristic new rolling stock.

So sweltering commuters on the Heathrow airport to Cockfosters route cutting through the West End should have the same level of comfort as Overground and Elizabeth Line passengers.

At the test facility of design contractor Siemens, near the German town of Mönchengladbach, the Standard’s transport editor Ross Lydall tests the next generation of air-cooled, walk-through London Underground trains.

He also examines Transport for London's infrastructure and financial challenges to come.

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