Heatwave level 3 risks and why is it getting hotter?

As the UK’s heading for what could be a record heatwave, UK government officials have declared the first ever national heatwave emergency in England.

Temperatures are set to soar above 30 degrees celsius between Sunday and Tuesday prompting a Met Office ‘Amber Alert', warning that exceptionally high temperatures “could lead to widespread impacts on people and infrastructure.”

It’s the latest reminder that global warming is escalating, and has provoked fresh calls for a focus on cutting emissions and using green energy.

Met Office Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst explains what exactly is causing this week’s heatwave, and why models suggest more are likely to occur in future.

And Climate Scientist at the University of Bristol Dr Eunice Lo explains the health concerns behind the heatwave, and tells us more action is needed to cut back on carbon emissions.

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