Government coronavirus advice is failing the UK; Brits stranded in locked-down India; Covid crisis sparks acts of kindness

Over the weekend UK parks and outdoor spaces were packed with people apparently defying the government advice to socially distance. Is Boris Johnson making a mess of the government's coronavirus messaging? Former Downing Street political aide, Alistair Campbell, tells The Leader podcast what he thinks the Government should do next.

Stranded in Goa

In the early hours of Monday morning, India’s 1.3 billion people were put into coronavirus lockdown. The measures vary according to different parts of the country, but the national rail system has been shut, so has public transport. And the borders are closed - which has trapped ex-pats from all over the globe, including Jo Youle from the Evening Standard audio news team. She reports for The Leader podcast on the impact this lockdown is having on locals and travellers alike.


Help those in need

Covid-19 support groups are popping up across the UK. The community are stepping in to provide support for NHS workers, elderly neighbours, and those who are less able. Features writer Sam Fishwick has joins The Leader podcast to discuss how the coronavirus crisis is catalysing acts of kindness.


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