Election special: George Osborne on Boris, Brexit and the Tories’ big win - plus what now for Labour?

In today’s election special we bring you the latest from our newsroom, analyse the results and discuss the Prime Minister’s next steps after winning a massive Commons majority.

Boris Johnson has led the Conservatives to victory, crushing Labour, breaking the ‘red wall’ and securing his position as Prime Minister. The Conservatives now have the largest majority of any government in the last 18 years, bigger even than Margaret Thatcher’s in 1983.

Evening Standard Editor George Osborne, Londoner Editor Ayesha Hazarika and Associate Editor Julian Glover were following the election drama through the night, and join The Leader podcast for this special edition to offer their analysis of this seismic shift in the British political landscape.

What does Boris Johnson’s enormous majority mean for Brexit and the UK economy? And what can Labour do now in the face of such a dramatic loss? Listen to the podcast to find out.



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