Eddie Izzard on gender, acting, and Dickens solo

Taken from our theatre podcast, Eddie Izzard speaks with the Evening Standard’s Chief Theatre Critic Nick Curtis about her one-woman adaptation of Dickens’s Great Expectations, her gender fluidity, and her personal drive to succeed. In this episode:

  • Izzard explains her names & pronouns
  • How Izzard’s one-woman Great Expectations show was born
  • Why it was launched in New York
  • How Izzard’s adapted from comedy into acting
  • The rave reviews from the New York show
  • Izzard’s one-woman Hamlet show
  • Why the ‘vast majority’ of people are vying for a ‘live and let live world’
  • How being gender fluid supports Izzard’s male and female roles

You can listen to more of this interview from the Evening Standard Theatre Podcast here

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