Does Labour's compensation to anti-Semitism whistleblowers draw a line under the Corbyn era? And why covid shouldn't drive us back to cars

The Labour Party has agreed to pay "substantial damages" to seven ex-employees following a BBC Panorama investigation into anti-Semitism within the party. The whistleblowers, who were responsible for the probe into alleged misconduct by party members, sued Labour over “defamatory and false allegations”. Evening Standard columnist Ayesha Hazarika tells us why it's an important move for Sir Keir Starmer, but reveals Jeremy Corbyn's not thought to be backing down.

Also, driving tests have re-started and used car sales are back to pre-lockdown levels. Are commuters being driven back to cars as offices prepare to re-open? How do we encourage people onto trains and busses after months of messaging telling us to stay off them? We speak to environmental psychologist Dr Ian Walker who fears the beginnings of a "green recovery" are in jeopardy.


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