Does Labour have anyone who can beat Boris Johnson; and could London lose its place as the world’s number one sports city?

Who can beat Boris Johnson? It’s the question the Labour party has to answer, but will it make the hard decisions the Evening Standard thinks are necessary to make it a genuine competitor in a future election? Our Londoner Editor Ayesha Hazarika, once a Labour spin doctor herself, thinks Jeremy Corbyn’s leaving behind a mess that could take a decade or more to repair.


Also, with traditional events like Wimbledon combining with the glamour of the NFL, along with competitions like the ATP tennis finals, London is proud to be ranked the world’s number one city for sport. But is that position at risk from usurpers like Paris? The Evening Standard’s correspondent Matt Majendie’s been investigating, and talks to the Leader about how Brexit and other concerns may be putting global sports bosses off the capital.



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