Doctors already struggling to cope with coronavirus ’tsunami’ as government introduces fines for distancing rule-breakers.

Can London's hospitals cope with what doctors are calling a 'tsunami' of coronavirus cases? The Evening Standard's Jonathan Prynn has been speaking to medical workers who talk of exhaustion, stress and an alarming lack of equipment. He speaks to the Leader Podcast as a campaign is launched for the public to show their support for the NHS


Fines for breaking distancing rule

The Evening Standard today broke the news that there will be a £60 on-the-spot fine for those who break the government's rules on social gatherings. This would double for subsequent offences. The Evening Standard’s political editor Joe Murphy joins The Leader podcast to discuss the impact of these fines. He also explores the complexities of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s financial “rescue plan” for the self-employed, due to be announced Thursday evening.  


Artists in trouble

What is it like to be a performing arts professional during this crisis? Many venues have closed which has left artists without work. The Leader podcast speak to pianist and composer Stephen Hough who reveals his suddenly empty diary of performances - and explains the knock-on effect this is having on him as a self-employed person.


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