Delaying coronavirus: do Boris Johnson’s measures go far enough? & Broadway opening night for West End's 'Six the Musical' cancelled

Is the government really doing enough to stop the spread of coronavirus? Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt has written in the Evening Standard, criticising the UK’s strategy so far. Mr Hunt questions why Boris Johnson isn’t following the lead of countries like Japan, which he says have been successful in reducing infections with tough measures including school closures. But the Evening Standard’s deputy political editor Nicholas Cecil tells the Leader podcast there is no sign of the UK changing course.

Broadway goes dark

With just three hour’s notice, every theatre in Broadway was ordered to close. New York mayor Bill de Blasio signed an emergency order as part of attempts to control Covid-19. It was a devastating moment for the cast and crew of hit British musical ‘Six,’ which was poised to raise the curtain on its opening night on Broadway. The Evening Standard’s Arts Correspondent Robert Dex was in New York to cover the show’s first night. He talks to the leader about the moment the theatre doors were shut, how Broadway’s reacting, and if it could happen in London too. 


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