Covid track and trace app delayed: a test user’s experience; & Biologist Erin Bromage on the risks of easing lockdown.

The UK's track and trace app, which was due to launch around now, appears to be being delayed. It's supposed to form a major part of the country's fight back against coronavirus, by alerting people who have come into contact with someone infected by Covid-19. But following trials on the Isle of Wight, the government now says it could be "several weeks" away from being rolled out nationwide. We speak to Isle of Wight resident Richard May who is one of those who have been using the app, and ask what experience he's had with it. 

Professor Erin Bromage's advice on how to survive the coronavirus pandemic at the start of lockdown was read by 13 million people in a week. As countries all over the world now begin easing restrictions, he gives the podcast his advice on how to minimise risk in the workplace and classrooms. Why do people need to avoid shouting in the office, and should schools really ban singing at end of year concerts?


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