Covid job support scheme to replace furlough - but Rishi Sunak says ‘ we can’t save every job'

Rishi Sunak's urging the country to “live without fear” after unveiling a new part-time Jobs Support Scheme and other measures designed to prop up the economy until a coronavirus vaccine is ready. The Chancellor's announced a multi-billion pound package of help to replace the costly furlough scheme, allowing millions to go part time while keeping around four-fifths or more of their earnings. But the Evening Standard's Jonathan Prynn's warning the battered hospitality sector says it won't be enough to save restaurant and pub jobs – and the Chancellor himself ha admitted that “we can’t save every job”.

Also, the long awaited Covid-19 track and trace app has finally been released, just as the health secretary Matt Hancock says the number of cases being recorded is nearly 10,000 a day. The smartphone app is supposed to be a game changer, but it's emerged people with older iPhones won't be able to use it. We speak to Dr Sarah Jarvis, who was among those who trialled the tech, to ask how it works and if it really will make the country safer?


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