Why liberty and the law still matter, warning over coronavirus 'divine protection kit' , and how to join an online choir

The Metropolitan police have made hundreds of arrests after raiding homes of criminals in self-isolation. The Evening Standard's crime correspondent Anthony France tells the Leader: Coronavirus Daily podcast, it's an example of a police force acting properly, at a time when others are being criticised for clamping down on people going for walks or "driving to relieve boredom".

There is no cure for coronavirus, but that doesn't stop some people from offering alternative medications. The Evening Standard's Liam Coleman tells us about the London church leader selling 'divine plague protection' for £91 per kit

It’ll be a while before you hear a choir in full swing again, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t groups still going. Through online meet-ups people are enjoying singing with total strangers – in some cases hundreds of them at the same time. The Evening Standard’s Katie Strick’s been joining in, and tells the podcast why it's so popular. 


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