Could coronavirus really be over by Christmas? And how did the Queen knight Colonel Sir Tom Moore while socially distancing?

Boris Johnson's told the UK he hopes the country will return to "normality" by Christmas. But the Prime Minister's also admitting it's a "hope" and he has to prepare for the worst. Mr Johnson's been outlining the further lifting of restrictions, including allowing theatres to stage indoor performances with live audiences. He also revealed draconian new laws that will allow ministers to impose stay at home order. Our political editor Joe Murphy says behind the scenes, there are doubts over whether Mr Johnson will hit his targets, and concerns we will be dealing with coronavirus for years to come. 

Also, it was a unique ceremony for a unique man. Colonel Sir Tom Moore has been knighted by the Queen at Windsor Castle. But what challenges did our 94 year old monarch face in honouring the 100 year old veteran? Was she able to tap him on the shoulder with her sword, as is tradition, while still keeping 2 metres apart from him? The Evening Standard's Lizzie Edmonds tells us about that and other complications that come with a knighting ceremony during lockdown.


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