Second Covid peak in 'days' warns leading scientist mapping genome to find vaccine

Why are some people so badly affected by Covid-19 while others barely notice they're sick at all, and how can we use that to fight the virus? That's what teams of scientists are trying to find out as they attempt to map the genomes of 35,000 people who have been through the disease. Professor Sir Mark Caulfield, head scientist at Genomics England, tells us what they're doing and how you can get involved He also warns the UK could be just "a week to ten days" away from a second peak. 

London commuter ‘I don’t feel safe at all’ on return to work:

Buses were standing room only and some train carriages packed as people returned to work with lockdown restrictions being eased. What's it like to be one of those venturing out after weeks inside, and how safe do people really feel? We speak to Janine Lowy, an interior designer with asthma who is trying to avoid public transport, but can't get away from the traffic jams. 


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