Coronavirus track and trace: can system take the strain? And forget Venus, scientists seek life on Mars from Dorking.

With universities returning, joining the school pupils already back at classes, and the increasing numbers of those going to the office, the UK’s track and trace system is under strain. One expert’s told the Evening Standard it's nowhere near the 70-80% coverage the system needs to be effective and it's only going to get worse as winter arrives. Our deputy political editor, Nicholas Cecil, says schoolchildren with nothing more than the common cold are adding to the problems, as they're being made to get a test before they can go back to class. Meanwhile, he says the government has a problem with persuading people that it can get the job done. 

And, our Tech correspondent Mark Blunden tells us about the researchers recreating conditions on Mars at a lab in Dorking. They're part of an international project to send a rover to the planet and search for signs of life. Coming after the news that something may have been found in the atmosphere over Venus, Mark says there's a lot of excitement about what else might be out there. 


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