Coronavirus testing: What's really going on inside the labs?; & even British Airways admits it's "fighting for survival"

Ministers are under pressure to rethink the system of “outsourcing” for processing coronavirus tests as spare capacity in NHS laboratories goes unused. The chaos facing people trying to get Covid checks is understood to be a consequence of log-jams in the Lighthouse Laboratories set up by the Government at arms-length from the NHS to process swabs from drive-through and walk-in testing centres. The Evening Standard's health editor Ross Lydall says problems are being caused by a lack of staff, but the true scale of what's happening is shrouded in "secrecy". 

Also, the boss of British Airways has admitted the airline is “fighting for survival” as he defended the airline’s decision to cut up to 12,000 jobs in front of MPs. Alex Cruz told the Commons’ Transport Select Committee: “Fewer passengers means fewer flights, and fewer flights means fewer people required to actually service them." We speak to travel expert Paul Charles who says the threat against the UK's biggest airline shows how serious the dangers caused by coronavirus to the industry are, but there could be a way to get things to moving again. 


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