Coronavirus rule changes: have people stopped listening to the government? & why does Amazon pay so little tax?

After the Evening Standard revealed the government's bringing in restrictions to limit social gatherings to six, it's now reported pubs may have a 10pm curfew. Meanwhile, the foreign travel quarantine rules, which vary across the United Kingdom, are still confusing passengers and putting people off holidays. Our associate editor Julian Glover says the situation has got too complicated for everyone, including ministers, and it's time for a reset... but he wonders if there's anyone in the cabinet who can do it? 

Also, last year Amazon’s revenues in the UK went up from £10.9bn to £13.7bn.  It's tax bill on all those billions is £293m pounds. MPs like Labour’s Margaret Hodge say that’s unacceptable. Evening Standard business journalist Mark Shapland explains how the company's accounts actually work, and why Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos, who is worth around £150bn himself, is getting little sympathy. 


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