Coronavirus quarantine rules will hurt ‘already wounded’ airline industry

Despite thousands packing into Hyde Park organisers of the Black Lives Matter protest tried to enforce social distancing measures, aware of concerns about the virus' spread in a mass gathering. Yet, around the UK many appear to be ignoring the rules, with a poll suggesting one in five gave up on them after the Dominic Cummings affair. Labour says the government is losing the people's trust. Meanwhile, the Home Secretary has announced her much-criticised international quarantine laws. We speak to Chris Goater from the International Air Transport Association who says they won't be effective and will hurt an already wounded airline industry further.  

How did Zoom go from a tiny start-up with barely $200,000 in profit, to a global video conferencing giant projecting revenue of $1.8 billion? The Evening Standard's Mark Shapland tells us that great design, and failures by rivals like Skype, led to an enormous success story during a pandemic that's sent other companies to the wall. We also reveal the Evening Standard's offering up to £150,000 for great start-up ideas in London. 


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