Coronavirus infects stock markets and sport; Heathrow runway dream grounded – what now?

While doctors and governments struggle to stop the spread of coronavirus, the bug is already infecting stock markets and sports schedules. Trillions have been wiped off shares around the world in less than a week. Football games are being played behind closed doors. Massive events like the Olympics are reported to be at threat. The Leader Podcast speaks to the Evening Standard’s sports editor James Major and business news editor Alex Lawson to look at who’s being affected, including the famous lager label that’s unwittingly been caught up in the panic.


Heathrow’s runway dream grounded

Heathrow Airport have had a blow to their dream of building their third runway, as the plans have been blocked by the High Court. The judges told the Government that they had “unlawfully” failed to assess the impact it had on climate change.

But will Boris Johnson support Heathrow Airport’s project? The Prime Minister has previously campaigned against the third runway from happening. The Leader podcast connect to Courts Correspondent Tristian Kirk who’s at the High Court and has been following the story.

Homeless Appeal success:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has approved highly of the success of the Evening Standard’s campaign to help end homelessness in London. Oliver Poole joins The Leader podcast to reveal what Boris had to say, as well as discussing the most recent figures on those tragically sleeping rough in London. 

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