Coronavirus downturn could be ‘worse than great depression’ - but there’s hope for the arts

As coronavirus takes hold, some economists fear Covid-19 is bringing the world to the brink of a double-digit economic depression. The Evening Standard's consumer business editor, Jonathan Prynn, tells The Leader podcast the figures are “unbelievable" - and there are concerns the fallout could be on the scale of the 1930's. But he says governments everywhere are working to stop it happening. 


How to save the Arts industry

The Arts industry was one of the first to feel the full impact of coronavirus. Theatres, galleries and museums have all had to close their doors - but some venues and artists are finding innovative ways of providing reliable services to their audience. This includes the Hampstead Theatre, which will stream the cancelled production of ‘I and You’, starring Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams, on Instagram. The Evening Standard’s Arts correspondent Rob Dex joins The Leader podcast to explain.


Friday nights… at home.

The Friday night pub trip is a thing of the past, for now. With the public being advised to avoid pubs and other public venues, what will we do on Friday evenings now? Deputy Features Editor Phoebe Luckhurst reveals her new social plans, and shares her tips.  


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