Coronavirus care home deaths hit 12,000 - and could be higher. Plus, transport pressure on Sadiq Khan

Horrific figures revealing 12,000 deaths from coronavirus in care homes in England and Wales since the crisis began have re-ignited appeals for staff and patients to get better protection from the infection. The numbers are from the Office for National Statistics who are warning they're still "looking into" it and could announce an even higher figure soon. The Evening Standard's deputy political editor, Nicholas Cecil, says Number 10's promising action, but Labour says it's far too late. 

The covid-19 infection rate in London appears to be falling to just 24 new cases a day, but that's not releasing the pressure on mayor Sadiq Khan. A £1.6 billion bail-out deal with the government's rescued Transport for London, but come with several strings attached. There'll be a review of finances, a commitment to run a 100% service as soon as possible, and government public health warnings will replace the mayor's own ones in stations. Fares are to go up, and free travel be slashed back. Comment editor Susannah Butter interviewed Mr Khan while was waiting for the government's deal, and she tells us how difficult the mayor's future looks. 


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