Coronavirus: What's Boris Johnson's strategy really about? And, how the country changed during 6 months of lockdown

Are divisions in the cabinet the cause of muddled messaging and seemingly contradictory guidelines being issued by the government on coronavirus? Senior editor of the Economist, Anne McElvoy joins us to explain what she calls the "Hawks and Doves" battling over whether to prioritise the economy or health as the country endures further, ever more complex, restrictions. She says Boris Johnson is trying to balance the two sides, while avoiding a Parliamentary showdown he fears he could lose, despite his 80-seat majority. You can also read Anne's column in the Evening Standard.

And, six months after the first lockdown fell, a lot of people have had an awful lot of time to think about what’s changed in the UK. Evening Standard features writer Katie Strick has spoken to 10 key Londoners and asked them what they’ve learned during this pandemic. She tells us how mayor Sadiq Khan found it "incredibly tough" adjusting to lockdown, and why author and nurse Christie Watson had to rewrite her will when she signed up for the emergency Covid-19 register.


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