Coronavirus: we must help brits stuck in Wuhan, China. Plus tributes for Kobe Bryant, and how Brexit could change our diets.

11 million Chinese people are currently locked in the Coronavirus-struck city Wuhan, along with other international citizens. Advice to American and French people within the capital is that to evacuate and they have been offered assistance to do so immediately. The UK government however have not yet offered the same advice and some British citizens feel left in the dark. Columnist Stephen King recently left China and has written about Coronavirus and other pandemics for the Evening Standard paper.

How Brexit could change our diet:

This week the UK will leave the European Union and a lot of change is going to come – including how we eat. Could this actually be good for our diet, and the environment? Associate editor Julian Glover tells The Leader podcast why this change could be good for our health

Tributes for Kobe Bryant:

Overnight the world began to mourn Kobe Bryant who died in a helicopter crash alongside his daughter Gianna yesterday. Thousands of fans have travelled to the LA Lakers home at the Staples centre in Los Angeles to pay tribute to the basketball hero. The Evening Standard’s sport correspondent Matt Majendie joins The Leader to discuss why Bryant was one of basketball’s greatest ever players.


David Marsland 0:00  

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Hi, I'm David Marsland, British people in China's Hubei province are being encouraged to leave as the Coronavirus spreads, if they can:

Stephen King 0:29  

Well Wuhan an enormous city, it's the same size roughly speaking as London, and the controls are now in place in Wuhan is the equivalent of effectively trapping Londoners within the M25

David Marsland 0:39  

Economist and Evening Standard column as Stephen King's recently back from China, he speaks to The Leader about the impact of a global pandemic. Also, 

Julian Glover 0:47  

We're not going to starve. And we're not just going to eat potatoes and lentils and tins of things we put it in the cupboard because the government bizarrely spent much the last year telling us to buy tin food

David Marsland 0:57  

In the week the UK leaves the EU on a social editor Julian Glover explains how Brexit could change the way we eat for the better. And:

Matt Majendie 1:06  

As NBA Commissioner Adam Silver put it, he'll be remembered most for inspiring people around the world pick up a basketball and compete to the very best of their ability

David Marsland 1:13  

Sport correspondent Matt Majendie on the legacy of Kobe Bryant one of the world's greatest sports stars who has died in a helicopter crash.

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