Coronavirus: "this is not a drill" say the World Health Organisation; Harry & Meghan's comeback photo; & is International Women's Day pointless?

The head of the World Health Organisation’s warning governments everywhere “this is not a drill,” as the number of people infected with coronavirus passes 100,000. But while scientists race for a vaccine, is there a danger they’re being pressured to release something too soon? Meanwhile, in the US, concerns are growing after it emerged there aren’t enough testing kits, which could hurt the government’s ability to detect and contain the virus. The Leader podcast speaks to the Evening Standard’s Philip Delves Broughton in New York.

Harry and Meghan’s comeback photo

Harry and Meghan have made their public comeback with a photograph that may well become iconic. Taken in the rain at a charity event in London, the image was being spread across social media moments after appearing online. Can one picture wash away months of controversy and set the couple up for a post-royal world? We speak to the Evening Standard’s Insider editor Lucy Pavia.

International Women’s Day

Has International Women’s Day lost its meaning? With rampant commercialisation of the day, the Evening Standard’s comment editor Susannah Butter speaks to features editor Phoebe Luckhurst to ask if it still has any power? 


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