Coronavirus: China policy leaves hundreds of brits stuck in Wuhan, splitting families apart

The last British Airways flight out of China landed in Heathrow on Wednesday night carrying some very relieved passengers. But an estimated 200 Brits remain trapped in Wuhan. The UK have sent a plane to get them but Beijing will not give it permission to land because they don’t want non-British people getting on it. This is splitting up families who wish to return to the UK together. The Leader podcast speaks to Evening Standard deputy political editor Nicholas Cecil who has been covering the story.


Menopause drugs shortage:

An Evening Standard exclusive reveals today that women going through the menopause are facing shortages of Hormone Replacement Therapy drugs. Some are waiting months for vital treatment. Health secretary Matt Hancock has pledged to intervene but drugs companies admit that some treatments will be out of stock until later this year. Health editor Ross Lydall broke the story and joins The Leader podcast. 

Secret report on anti-semitism

Labour leadership contender Lisa Nandy is challenging the party’s high command to publish a secret report on anti-semitism. The Evening Standard’s political editor Joe Murphy speaks to The Leader from Westminster.

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David Marsland 0:00  

Thank you for listening to The Leader please do subscribe to your podcast provider and tell your friends about us too, now from the Evening Standard in London this is The Leader

Hi I'm David Marsland.... trapped in the virus epicenter the British citizens China won't let leave some families. 

Nicholas Cecil 0:27  

Some couples are facing some very difficult decisions. Some have young children and it looks like only one parent may be able to return back to Britain,

David Marsland 0:37  

Our deputy political editor Nicholas Cecil, on the extraordinary diplomatic wrangle over a repatriation flight. Also,

Tania Snuggs 0:44  

Why is there a shortage?

Ross Lydall 0:45  

It seems to be a combination of issues. Not everything is produced in the UK so many large pharmaceutical companies will have manufacturing plants all over the world 

David Marsland 0:54  

Evening Standard health editor Ross Lydall talka to Tania Snuggs about his exclusive report into a shortage of hormone replacement therapy drugs. And

Joe Murphy 1:04  

Lisa Nandy confirms in the interview that she asked to see it and was told no

David Marsland 1:08  

Political editor Joe Murphy has spoken to Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy and her demand for a secret anti semitism report, to be released.

Taken from the Evening Standard editorial column this is The Leader, for the whole thing pick up the newspaper or head to In a moment - why has China been stopping a UK flight from landing in Wuhan.

The last BA flight out of China landed at Heathrow last night bringing home some very relieved passengers

The British government sent a plane to get them but Beijing won't give it permission to land because they don't want non-British people getting on it, which could mean...

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