Coronavirus, Brexit and the Tory rebels threatening to block Boris; & an Oregon woman's horror as wildfires destroy her home town

Boris Johnson's facing two significant revolts from within his own ranks over coronavirus and Brexit. Some backbenchers want under-12s exempt from the new 'rule of six' regulations on social gatherings. But our political editor, Joe Murphy, says it's the second rebellion that's causing the most problems for the PM: Major figures in the Tory party, like Lord Howard and Theresa May, are calling for a re-think over a bill that would overwrite a treaty already signed with the EU. We hear how that's making some MPs nervous, and why pressure from politicians in the US is also bearing down on the Cabinet. 

Also, we hear from an Oregon woman whose home town is being ravaged by wildfires. Half a million people have been evacuated in the State, and at least 10 have died. Vanessa Lamers describes how flames are destroying the area she grew up in, and why the air is becoming toxic. She also says that even when people return, there may not be much left for them to come back to.


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