Can Liz Truss recover from humiliating tax U-turn?

The “disbelief” at the Chancellor’s tax U-turn. Does the public respect Kwasi Kwarteng for ‘listening’ to them? Is Liz Truss lacking support within the Tory party? Our Political Editor Nicholas Cecil discusses the government’s controversial U-turn on plans to scrap the 45% top tax rate. Plus Julia Davies from Patriotic Millionaires UK explains why the wealthy should be taxed even more. In this episode:

  • The Conservative Conference reacts to the U-turn
  • Was pressure from Michael Gove and Grant Shapps too much?
  • Could we now see more policy U-turns?
  • Have the PM and Chancellor lost their credibility?
  • Why it isn’t a ‘complete U-turn’
  • Should the wealthy be taxed more to pay for the cost of living crisis?

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