Britain tops Europe's toll of excess deaths during the coronavirus pandemic, & clampdown on drivers risking cyclist's lives

Britain suffered the worst excess death rate in the whole of Western Europe during the coronavirus pandemic. Official statistics lay bare what many experts suspected, that the UK’s mortality rate was raised cumulatively higher by the end of May than even Italy and Spain, which were hit earlier. The details come as health secretary Matt Hancock announces an extension in how long people with the bug in England will have to self-isolate. Our political editor Joe Murphy tell us why. 

Also, police are vowing a new clampdown on dangerous drivers who put the cyclists’ lives at risk on London’s roads. Officers are encouraging cyclists to wear head cameras to help prosecute motorists who drive over the speed limit, aggressively, too close or overtake in hazardous places. Home affairs editor Martin Bentham tells us how the Metropolitan force expects the use of cameras to be "game changing" as the number of people taking to the roads on two wheels surges following the pandemic. 


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