Britain’s coronavirus alert level is reduced, but is it the right call? Plus, how the UK’s creative industry can avoid a cultural catastrophe

The last big hurdle to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to switch to step two of the UK’s roadmap to recovery has cleared with the coronavirus alert level dropping. It means pubs and restaurants will open next month and there’s even suggestions the two metre rule could be reduced to one metre. London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine researcher and Director at March for Change Dr Mike Galsworthy tells us what it means for Britons as we ease out of lockdown. 

And, the creative industry has been one of the hardest hit by the global pandemic. In the UK, losses could reach £1.4 billion a week. In the Evening Standard, the boss of the Creative Industries Federation Caroline Norbury says artists are vital in times of darkness for

providing respite and resilience, and the delicate economy that supports them must be protected. She tells us what big thinking - and some imagination - could do to help prevent a cultural catastrophe.


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