Boris Johnson wants you back in the office, but will you go? And was the Twitter hack an inside job?

Almost a third of London commuters who are working from home say they do not expect to return to their offices before Christmas, according to poll findings seen by the Evening Standard. The results suggest that the struggling central London economy faces a huge challenge for the rest of the year and beyond, with tens of thousands fewer workers spending their wages in shops, cafés, restaurants and pubs. It comes as Boris Johnson's expected to announce that people should return to their desks after months at home. But our consumer business editor Jonathan Prynn says that's going to be easier said than done. 

Also, was the Twitter hack an inside job? Evening Standard tech journalist Amelia Heathman talks to us about rumours one of the company's employees was allegedly paid to change the passwords of major account holders like Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama and Bill Gates. They were among several high profile users who found their feeds hijacked with posts asking followers to send them bitcoins. Despite a rapid response from Twitter, it looks like a lot of people were duped in what's being called a "smash and grab raid". 


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