Boris Johnson defies Trump on Huawei 5G approval. Plus new post-Brexit migration rules, and remembering Nicholas Parsons

After a crunch meeting Boris Johnson has said that Huawei should be allowed a limited role in the new UK 5G infrastructure – despite lobbying from the Trump administration against Huawei’s involvement. Boris Johnson has now been warned that a US-UK trade deal could be blocked in Congress. Huawei have always denied having connections with the Chinese government.

Amelia Heathman the Evening Standard’s tech columnist joins The Leader podcast to explain what 5G will mean for the UK, and discuss the security concerns around Huawei’s involvement. 

New migration rules:

As Britain prepares to finally exit the EU this week, new migration rules are being announced – and official policy suggests that London will be less well-off with fewer jobs as a consequence. The Evening Standard’s Home Affairs editor Martin Bentham joins the podcast to explain the proposed changes and discuss how they will impact London.

Nicholas Parsons dies:

One of the UK’s best known broadcasters Nicholas Parsons has died at the age of 96 following a short illness. The Evening Standard’s Nick Curtis celebrates the memory of a broadcasting great.

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David Marsland 0:00  

Thank you for listening to The Leader and please do share the podcast with your friends. You can like comment, rate and share through your favorite podcast provider now, from the Evening Standard in London, this is The Leader.

Hi, I'm David Marsland, China's Huawei will play a role in the UK is 5g network and the United States is not happy 

Amelia Heathman 0:31  

Back in 2009-2011 Vodafone Italy discovered backdoors in some of the Huawei equipment, it just sort of added to those heightened suspicions around the company and what could possibly happen

David Marsland 0:42  

The Evening Standard senior tech journalist Amelia Heathman explains why there are so many concerns about the tech company. Also 

Martin Bentham 0:49  

At the moment EU citizens have freedom of movement that is coming to an end because of Brexit. And so a new system is being designed 

David Marsland 0:56  

Martin Bentham on the new migration rules so this newspaper says could hit London hard. And 

Nicholas Parsons 1:02  

I mean you do something you enjoy and you work hard and you put your effort and if you've got some reward out of the work you do it's it's marvelous. I'm privileged. 

David Marsland 1:13  

Nicholas Parsons has died at the age of 96. Our critic Nick Curtis pays tribute.

Taken from the evening standards editorial column this is The Leader for the whole thing pick up the newspaper or head to In a moment Amelia Heathman on been on Huawei, is the Chinese from really a security risk?

Before the National Security Council met to discuss the UK's 5g network the US sent a letter to Boris Johnson warning him not to include Huawei. Post-Brexit trade agreement could be at risk it said if the Chinese tech company was allowed into the UK data network - this...

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