Beirut after the blast: How does the city recover? And could Tik Tok be coming to London?

There's anger on the streets of Beirut after an explosion with a quarter of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb's power ripped apart the port area of the city. From there, journalist Nada Homsi tells us blame appears to be focusing on a welder who may have ignited a fire that reached thousands of tonnes of ammonium nitrate being unsafely stored in a warehouse. She says people have been holding protests outside a government building, furious it could be allowed to happen. Meanwhile, Save the Children's Ahmed Bayram tells us about the recovery operation that's underway, and how he thought an earthquake had hit when the blast rocked the building he lives in. 

Also, Tik Tok may be looking at London to build a new global headquarters. The social media platform's thought to be looking for a base outside the US, where it's been threatened with a ban because of its Chinese ownership. Evening Standard tech journalist Amelia Heathman says the UK could make a good home for the company, but Britain is having problems of its own with Beijing. 


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