Back to work Britain: inside Boris Johnson’s plans. Plus how schools are preparing for the end of lockdown

The UK government appears to be getting ready to put the country back to work - but how can that be done, and when will it happen? As a tracing app goes live on the Isle of Wight this week, it's understood Boris Johnson is preparing a speech for Sunday that will outline his strategy to lift the lockdown. The Evening Standard's political editor Joe Murphy tells The Leader podcast it will involve relaxing the two metre rule for social distancing, a reduction in hot-desking, and a ban on borrowing other people's pens. 

If the offices are going back, what about the schools? There's no confirmed date for pupils returning to classes, but headteachers all over the country are starting preparations, with some expecting lessons to resume in July. We speak to Charles Fillingham, head of Francis Holland School in Regent's Park, on how they'll be handling social distancing, and whether he expects all the children to come back on the first day.


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