186: Human Design: Make Better Decisions & Work Smarter w/ Erin Claire Jones

Want to stop getting frustrated when people don’t operate the same way you do? Erin Claire Jones breaks down human design as a tool to understand why people are they way they are, how to make the most of these differences at work and in your relationships, and what your human design type needs to feel empowered and in balance.

If you know your type already, I’m a Generator and Erin’s a Projector, so you’ll get extra insights from our personal experience. If you don’t know your type, see which one resonates with you while listening to this episode.

Erin’s also offering our listeners a discount on your Human Design Blueprint: a 55+ page, personalized guide to your unique design type! Go to lavendaire.com/blueprint and use code ‘LAVENDAIRE’ for 10% off your Blueprint.


  • 2:36 — What your human design tells you (and what it doesn’t tell you)

  • 9:51 — Making sense of your human design chart, for beginners

  • 12:01 — How to protect your energy from other people

  • Get to know your design type: 

    • 19:33 — Generator: Builders & doers who make things happen

    • 21:38 — Manifesting Generator: Multi-passionate movers

    • 22:10 — Projector: Leaders & teachers who help others feel seen

    • 25:50 — Manifestor: Innovators with CEO energy

    • 28:50 — Reflector: Resilient mirrors who flow between all design types

  • 32:11 — What if you don’t like what your type says about you?

  • 34:30 — How to use human design to your advantage at work

  • 40:48 — Signals that you’re out of balance (for each type)