221: This week in 10 minutes

Our communication via the space-time glitch continues with increased sophistication as we review another week of news from the OTHER dimension hosted by THAT Alice Fraser. 

Starting off the week is Last Post favourite, Celebrity Celebrity Andy Zaltzman who reveals the earth shattering outcome of the Coronavirus on those that decided to procreate as well as isolate during this quarantine period (ep. 216), next John-Luke Roberts the ROYAL shared some fascinating news about recently resurrected poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde in Quotes and Misquotes news (ep.217), we were joined again by Andrew ‘Andy’ Zalztman who shared some of his scintillating opinions on the turbulent topic of celebs wading into politics (ep.218), following this we were visited by disgraced yoga instructor Charlie George who brought all the agreeableness news - specifically from Togo (ep.219) and to round up the week his royalness John-Luke Roberts was back with some critical insights on U-turn news (220).

This is a Bugle Podcasts production.

This episode was produced by Harriet Wells and Chris Skinner.


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