214: This week in 10 minutes

Communication via the space-time glitch continues as we are treated to the weeks round-up hosted by the Alice in THIS dimension. 

The week began with Space Lawyer Anuvab Pal reporting on the current climate of Misleading Information News (ep. 209), we had our weeks dose from top Conspiracy Theorist Tom Ballad informing us on Global Weather News (ep.210), Alison Spittle joined us to tell us about Irish National Heroes (ep. 211), we had a much needed workshop on global greetings from disgraced Yoga Instructor Charlie George (ep. 212) and finally, Anuvab Pal sandwiches the week by returning with an update on Extraterrestrial life (ep. 213).

This is a Somethin' Else and Bugle Podcasts production.

This episode was produced by Harriet Wells and Chris Skinner.


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