207: This week in 10 minutes!

Alice Fraser from THIS dimension is back with her weekly round-up of the news from the OTHER dimension hosted by THAT Alice Fraser. 

Featuring Alison Spittle with the latest in TV commissioning news (ep.202), John-Luke Roberts who gave us his own roundup on Political Innovation News from around the globe (ep.203), Anuvab Pal flew back from Jupiter to give us a personal update on Internet News (ep.204), Alison Spittle returns for the second time this week to report on the trends in the confectionary world (ep.205) and to round up the week, Tom Ballad comes spreading his favourite conspiracy theories in Conspiracy Highlights News (ep.206). 

This is a Somethin' Else and Bugle Podcasts production.

This episode was produced by Harriet Wells and Chris Skinner.


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