200: This week in 10 minutes!

Today we hear from the Alice Fraser from THIS dimension as she hosts a round up of the weeks news that was hosted by the other Alice Fraser in the other dimension. 

Featuring Alison Spittle who gives us a round-up on this Summer’s Holiday Destinations (ep.195), Mr. Andy Zaltzman returns with news on that thing we forgot about - Brexit (ep. 196), Anuvab Pal stops by during his inter-galactic commute to inform us on the Space Olympics (ep.197), Disgraced former Home Secretary John-Luke Roberts gives us the latest on fact-fiction crossover news (ep.198) and Andy Zaltzman is back to round up the week with news of the Royal Family which features a HUGE Last Post announcement (ep.199).

This is a Somethin' Else and Bugle Podcasts production.

This episode was produced by Harriet Wells and Chris Skinner.


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