186: This week in 10 minutes!

It’s a Last Post first: here’s your new - and now weekly - round up of the news that has been happening in this most final of worlds from the past 5 days. Featuring Disgraced Yoga Instructor Charlie George, Celebrity dick deflector and self help guru Tiff Stevenson, Tech Billionaire Josh Gondelman, entitled dilettante and pointlessly wealthy heiress Aditi Mittal and, you guessed it..Celebrity Celebrity Andy Zaltzman. 

You can hear Charlie’s full update on religion in ep. 181, Tiff’s complete report on Celebrity News in ep.182, the Long-form experience of Global War from Josh in ep.183, Aditi’s Celeb vs poverty News: Uncut in ep.184 and Andy Zaltzman’s unabridged ramblings on UK Lockdown Relief News in ep.185.

This is a Somethin' Else and Bugle Podcasts production.

This episode was produced by Harriet Wells and Chris Skinner.


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