166: Maryam Banikarim -The Purposeful Problem-Solving Mentality, Vitality and Curiosity of Next Door's CMO

Guest overview 

This week's guest Maryam Banikarim does not see barriers, obstacles, or problems other than to seek out ways to remove or overcome or solve them.

Born in Iran but raised in the US Maryam’s innately curious and inquisitive mind has enabled her to navigate every challenge that life has dealt her and set her on a diverse path of career success. 

Regularly Acknowledged in the ” most creative people" or "most powerful women in business" lists, Maryam devours challenges that can be summed up by the phrase she used in the interview “I love a good No”

How Global CMO for Next Door, Maryam kindly agreed to share her perspective on life, work, and communities.

Her lens on life is based on a desire to help others and through that she discovers purpose. Her work at Next Door and her pandemic initiative, New York City Next, Maryam’s work is bringing people together, building strong communities and connections, and cultivating neighborly kindness.

In this interview, Maryam shares her perspective on life, work, and community and how we build stronger, more equitable, and resilient Neighborhoods, and Cities as we move beyond the pandemic. 

Maryam’s positive problem-solving mentality, curiosity, and vitality are uplifting and her infectious spirit of the possible will surely provide inspiration to all that encounter her. 

A shout out to Ben Hartley for recommending we interview Maryam

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